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5 Things to do in Ahungalla

· Activities,Excursions

Catch the fish

Most of the people who live in the Ahungalla catch a fish from the see or from the river. If have an interested or hobby about catching fish we would love to support you. There is much kind of fishes you can catch up. May be you can cook the fish that you catch, with us. We’re always here to provide you an amazing experience while you staying with us.

Visit the cinnamon land

We have our own cinnamon land close to Maha Induruwa. Here you can experience how we harvest our cinnamon. Normally we harvest the cinnamon once a year. We can provide you with an experience of peeling the cinnamon tree and taste the cinnamon leaves.

Visit the cinnamon oil factory

In Sri Lanka we extract the cinnamon oil from cinnamon leaves. We use the stream distillation method to extract the oil. It’s really a hard process. You will understand when you test it yourself.

Catch the mussels.

Mussels are growing on huge rock in the sea. They grow mainly during season in November and December on rocks, and people who live in Ahungalla love to harvest them. During the season it is a festive meal in every family. It’s a lot of fun harvesting them. You need to swim to bottom of the sea and that's a cool challenge.

Play cricket or volleyball

Volleyball is the national sport in Sri Lanka, but the most famous sport is Cricket. So if you would like to test either volleyball or Cricket, we’re happy to arrange a play date just for you.