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5 tips for tourists in Sri Lanka

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1. Greetings

When you greet each other in Sri Lanka, you put your palms together in front of the chest at heart level and say „Ayubowan“ (i.e. I wish you a long life). To shake the hands is not common.

2. Inviations

When you are invited to somebody, your rather bring fruits, cake, money or porcellan, not a bottle of alcohol, or flowers. When you enter a home or a temple, take off your shoes. If you are invitated for a dinner, the family you are visiting will not eat together with you. They will serve you and you sit down and eat. This is shown as an act of respect. 

3. Clothes

In the West we are used to show skin and wear exactly what we want. In Sri Lanka it is not common to wear a bikini or a mini skirt. Use your common sense and show respect to the culture you are visiting. In the temple you have to wear clothes longer than your knees and have covered shoulder.

4. Clothes, Shoes and Co.

When you leave this beautiful island and you have clothes, shampoo or glasses you do not want or need any longer, please give this to someone. This is very appreciated.

5. Respect

Religiose pictures or statues are treated utmost respect. It is not appreciated to make a selfie with a Buddha/Shiva statue, as you should not turn your back to a god like this. If you have a Buddha statue in your home, it should stand on something and not be situated at the floor. Preferably you place a Buddha/Shiva statue at should hight. Flip Flops with a flag on it or a Buddha tattoos is prohibited.