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Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions
Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions /

Thank you for your interest and your trust in our
company. The following General Terms and
Conditions (GTC) apply to all services of Please take note of our terms of
contract prior to booking, because these regulate
the legal relationship between you and us. By
accepting your booking (written, by telephone or
online booking), a contract is concluded between
you and From then on, the rights
and obligations of this contract will be effective
for you and for us. These contractual agreements
and these "General travel and contract conditions"
apply to all travel participants in your group.

The reservation is made in writing. Booking is
confirmed with payment. With the booking, you
automatically accept the terms and conditions of

Changes in the booking
For changes / rebooking (eg change of name,
change of date of travel, change of room
categories or other services) a processing fee of
USD 200.- per person will be charged. Additional
expenses of service providers are possible.

Basically, a cancellation or a change must be made
in writing. It may also be that a different
cancellation period is valid for different offers.
This is then noted on the offer and possibly also on
the bill. Then these cancellation periods apply.
Up to 30 days before departure
For cancellations, rebookings or changes (name
changes, changes to the date of travel, rebooking
of accommodation) up to 31 days before departure
you pay a processing fee of USD 200.- per person.
This processing fee is usually covered by an
cancellation cost insurance to be taken out by
you. Cancellations and changes must always be
made in writing. Decisive for the calculation of the
deadlines is the arrival of your written
communication with us. On public holidays or
weekends, the next working day is decisive.
Less than 30 days before departure.
For cancellations or rebookings less than 30 days
before departure, the following rules apply:
29 days and less before departure: you pay 100
percent of the costs + handling fee of at least USD
200 .— per person.
Cancellations and changes during the high season
For stays from 4.12. to 14.1. The following rules
apply 90 to 60 days before the start of the journey
50 percent has to be paid.
59 to 00 days before the start of the journey 100
percent has to be paid + handling fee of at least
USD 200 .— We recommend you to buy a travel
insurance upon booking a trip.

Unused services
In principle, costs for services can not be refunded
after check-in, even if the services are only
partially used (for example, admissions). No third
party (including hotels or other service providers)
is authorized to speak on behalf of
This also applies to the full or partial
reimbursement of costs or of no show fees.

All Ayurveda treatments are exclusively prescribed by our attending Ayurveda doctor, based on your current state of health. The instructions of the Ayurveda doctor must be followed in order to achieve the best possible success of the treatment.

Guests who have been prescribed medicines in their home countries may only discontinue or reduce them if they receive confirmation of this from a doctor of conventional medicine.

You take fully responsibility and liability of the Ayurvedic treatment. If a guest has a significant health problem, the doctor must be informed upon arrival, as certain therapies might not be being carried out or certain medications not being administered.

We do not treat contagious sicknesses or, serious physical or mental problems. With your registration you assure us that you do not suffer from such an illness. Ayurvedic Treatments will not be carried out during pregnancy.

Side effects such as headaches, body aches and muscle pain, nausea or allergic reactions can occur during a treatment period.

The treatments are for preventive health care and do not replace the treatment of an acute illness your from your doctor at home or a stay in hospital. Services not used during your your Ayurveda treatment cannot be refunded.

In yoga, meditation or pranayama practice, the risk of injury, or other experiences is present and cannot be completely eliminated. It is your responsibility to respect your own limits and to stop the activity immediately in case of pain or discomfort. Participation in these classes is at your own risk.

The liability is limited to the level of the paid sum of the booked trip. We do not accepts any liability for direct damage in the event of death, personal
injury or illness during the stay. In case of pregnancy you are obliged to inform the before booking. We do not do any
treatment in case of pregnancy. All liability is excluded when it comes to the result of a treatment. Healing is not guaranteed. All activities
at the hotel area and outside is made on your on
risk and no liability accepted. We do not work with
any guest, who has a transmittable disease.

Jurisdiction Galle, Sri Lanka