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    www.bobos.lk BoBo's Bed & Breakfast Ahungalla Sri Lanka Beach Yoga Ayurveda Erholung Strand

    Bed & Breakfast

    2 boutique rooms, close to the beach

    Yoga - Ayurveda - Erholung

    Two beautifully designed double bedrooms with attached bathrooms for your relaxing holidays. Both rooms are equipped with an open wooden closet, air condition, hot water, WiFi, mini fridge, hair dryer, water boiler and Ceylon tea. Outside the room you have a big seating area with sun beds and space for reading or eating. You choose your style of breakfast. The beach is 300 Meter away. We offer Yoga, Ayurveda, and massages, vegetarian or non vegatarian food. Blissful Balance!

    www.bobos.lk cinnamon estate

    Luxury Apartment in the nature, 2km to the beach

    Transfer to and from the beach

    This apartment is perfect for a holiday to relax. Located in the midst of a 5 acre cinnamon land. During your stay at BoBo's Cinnamon Estate you have the chance to experience the green and lush nature totally for your self. This is unique. You alone, with your partner or with one or two friends, can experience this breath taking scenery in the green. Only 2 Km from the beach. You can rent this apartment for one night or for longer periods. You can cook your self or ask for service. There are no other guests here.

    House of Harmony

    House of Harmony Ayurveda Massage, Mediation, Yoga

    Massage - Mediation - Pranayama

    Drop in for a massage treatment of your choice. Head massage, foot massage, facial treatment, back massage, full body or even shirodara. We offer daily yoga classes. You can book meditation sessions, Acupuncture,  healing sessions, pranayama, breathwork and coaching. Would you like to plan a long term Ayurvedic stay and drop in daily, this is possible. We do pick you up and drop you in your hotel. Detox, destress, heal  and find your balance at Harmony of Harmony. 

    www.bobos.lk boutique

    BoBo's School of Consiousness Individual Training

    Expand and grow

    BoBo's School of Consiousness is for people that want to expand their spiritual life. You feel an interest in yoga, ayurveda, meditation, manifestation, pranayama and energy work. You stay with us for a period of around one month and we practice daily. There will be theoretical teachings and many practical tools and techniques will be shown. We will visit the region and get inspiration.

    www.bobos.lk boutique

    Exclusive selection for your

    BoBo's Selection is for you. To remember Sri Lanka in a special way. Our choice makes you remember this beautiful island even after some time back home. Other pieces are selected only because of their beauty. If you miss some of the products, when you are back home, no problem, we will send it to you. We have designer clothes, jewelry, gems, rough stones for your well-beeing.

    www.bobos.lk boutique

    Enjoy some Sri Lankan products

    BoBo's Selection is for you. To remember Sri Lanka in a special way. Our choice makes you remember this beautiful island even after some time back home. Other pieces are selected only because of their beauty. If you miss some of the products, when you are back home, no problem, we will send it to you. We have designer clothes, jewelry, gems, rough stones for your well-beeing.

  • References from happy clients

    This is what happy clients say, after visiting us!

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    BoBo's is a magical place

    To me it is not only a beautiful b&b with my favorite Sri Lankan food and an atmosphere, where I just feel at home, but also have I always found just what I needed, no matter what I was looking for. The bouquet is colorful: from Ayurveda, relaxation and healing to yoga, meditation, coaching and breathwork to exploring the beautiful area and connecting with wonderful people. Or just enjoying some time by myself. But most importantly - I have met the most lovely and warm hearted people, who inspire me and who I am carrying in my heart. Thank you Catrin & Bharatha!
    Chantal Amberg, from Switzerland, October 2021
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    Mary & Valentyn

    We spent 10 amazing days here and we will remember it for a long time. Thank you:
    for being so kind us,
    for cooking such delicious meals,
    for organizing excursions
    for showing us interesting local culture.
    We hope to come back one day.
    Love you!
    Mary & Valentyn, from Ukraine, November 2021
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    I had the most awesome time

    I had the most awesome time at BoBo's Bed & Breakfast and BoBo's Cinnamon Estate and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!
    In December 2021 I spent three weeks at this beautiful place with these beautiful people and I couldn't have wished for a nicer atmosphere and holiday. Catrin and Bharatha are the most wonderful hosts, together with their team. Before I came to Sri Lanka, I was looking for a place to calm down, relax, let the stress of my work life and the pandemic go and reset my health. A friend of mine recommended BoBo's to me and after I checked out their website, I had a first online call with Catrin. She was very friendly and helpful from the start, asked me about all the things that I was looking for and only a few days later sent me an offer for my three weeks, that was just perfect and included everything that I had imagined. It was in my budget as well, so I decided to book it. That was one of the best decisions in the last few month. As the holiday turned out to be even better and more that I had imagined.
    I was picked up at the airport and welcomed with nice messages and a call from my host. My room was just perfect, really comfortable, clean, modern, but still not liveless. I had booked an Ayurvedic holiday and was welcomed with a foot massage. I had my first meeting with an Ayurvedic doctor the first night I arrived, as well. So we could start with my treatment, after I had slept one night. From then on, I was served the most delicious food every day, got all the different, relaxing massages and treatments one could get, was introduced to yoga and meditation everyday again and again. I learned a lot about the country, about Ayurveda and about myself - all, while I still had time to just relax, read or hang with my hosts and other guests in the shop / living room. Doing the treatments at BoBo's „House of Harmony“ really is a great pleasure and makes you feel the harmony that is all around that place.
    BoBo's is situated very close to the sea, and it was easy to walk or to cycle there with a bike. Sometimes Bharatha, the host, took me with him in his tuktuk, when he went around town or up to the Cinnamon fields, where they take care of a lot of wild dogs and feed them every day.
    Staying at BoBo's felt like staying with a welcoming family for me, like I was on an exchange to Sri Lanka. It was just so nice how I felt included into their community, but also had time for myself. Everyone was always friendly and positive - which was a rare feeling after coming from Germany with mainly two years of fear all around me.
    During the last week, I stayed at the Cinnamon Estate, which is even more modern, stylish and just an unbelievably relaxing place. It was even more beautiful and calming when it rained outside, as it felt like it was only me and the nature around. I was welcomed with a flower bath after one of my trips to Galle, that was also organised by Catrin and Bharatha.
    I could go on recommending everything I did at BoBo's and with Catrin and Bharatha and their team, and I have been doing so since I came home to Germany. Even after I flew home, I keep all of them and all these experiences so close to my heart, that I hope to come back some day soon. And I am looking forward to what has developed and grown by then. As they have more plans for their places for the future that everyone should look out for.
    So if I have to rank this place and holiday from 0 - 10, it would be a 100.
    Just go there and see for yourself, how wonderful a holiday can be!
    Luise Brinkmann, from Berlin, Germany, December 2021
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    Liebes BoBo's Team

    Ihr alle habt unser erstes Mal in eurem wunderschönem Land unvergesslich gemacht. Die ersten vier Tage waren eine riesen Freude. Ihr seid wundervolle Menschen mit ganz lieben und tollen Charaktere. Und das Essen war ein Traum. Wir haben euch in dieser kurzen Zeit ganz fest in unsere Herzen geschlossen und werden euch vermissen.
    Caro & Rico, Sina & Aaron, aus der Schweiz,  Februar  2022
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    An awesome stay

    Everything was wonderful with this place. The energy, the food and of course the people.
    Family Jochum from Sweden, February 2022 
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    Ich bin sprachlos

    Ich weiss gar nicht womit ich starten soll. Ich bin sprachlos! 1 Monat durfte ich bei euch verbringen und ich denke, es war einer der schönsten meines Lebens! Jeden Tag feines Essen, Sonne, Yoga am Morgen, Teachings, Massagen, neue Bekanntschaften und viele tolle Ausflüge. Nebst dem tollen Programm konnte ich mich gut entspannen, abschalten, und einfach sein und geniessen. Dieses Abenteuer werde ich nie vergessen und ich bin so dankbar, dass ich es mit euch erleben durften. Vielen lieben Dank für euere Zeit und alles andere! Ich weiss, wir sehen uns bestimmt wieder.


    Aline, from Zürich, Switzerland, May 2022
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    I had an awesome stay

    A = Ayurveda
    B = Banana
    C = Cosy
    D = Dung (Elephant Dung Note Book)
    E = Enormously colorfoul
    F = Family
    G = Gemstones
    H = Heidi
    I = Iguana
    J = Jackfruit Curry
    K = Kingfisher
    L = Lime soda
    M = Molly - the beautiful labrador lady at BoBo's
    N = Nice
    O = Organisation (very good)
    P = Passion fruit creme
    Q = Quartz
    R = Rainforrest Trekking
    S = Sambol
    T = TukTuk
    U = Ursi the dog
    V = Ventilator
    W = Walk on the beach
    X = must find the "x" the next time I come
    Y = Yoga
    Z = Zimt, Cinnamon, Kanel, Canelle
    Dear BoBo's Team, thank you for everything! I had an awesome stay, that I'll never forget.


    Valeria, from Zürich, Switzerland, 2023
  • Team

    Let us help you to glow and feel energized

    Call for booking +94 77 567 9351 - Write for booking welcome@bobos.lk

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    Catrin & Bharatha

    Bharatha, Chief Happiness Officer -

    Catrin, Lady of the House

    Sri Lanka in our hearts. We serve you!

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    Sheela Auntie

    Sheela, Paradise Island Caretaker


    Sri Lanka in our hearts. We serve you!

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  • The Story of BoBo's

    How BoBo came into our lives.

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    BoBo - someone we love

    BoBo wonderful name for the ones you love

    BoBo just happened to come to the mind all the time to the Lady of the house. She had seen this name somewhere in Europe and since then just started to use it as a synonym for "my loved one". BoBo started to take off as an expression within the family and amongst friends. BoBo - you are someone we have captured in our hearts. Welcome to us!

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    Creativity with a Binudi, 5 years

    What do you love anyway?

    During a creativity session in the family Binudi, 5 years, was asked what she loved the most, except her family. The outcome of that, is the picture to the right. So many beautiful animals. Anything from the angels, to the rainbow, to magic, to dogs, to dragonflies, butterflies and elephants. Especially three symbols stayed with us: Dolphin - Mermaid - Unicorn

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    BoBo in French

    In between Bohemes and Bourgeois

    In French BoBo can be pointed out as a liberal, highly educated person who combines a bourgeois, affluent lifestyle with nonconformist values and attitudes of a bohémian. Our interpretation - all children of the universe are very welcome to stay with us. From Bohemes to Bourgeois.

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    The connection of all beauty

    Dolphin - Mermaid - Unicorn


    Is the global ambassador for Peace on Earth. The spirit of the Dolphin connects us with the true essence of who we are. The Dolphin has always been a helper to men at sea. She comes with advanced communication and intuitive abilities.


    Along with unrivaled beauty the Mermaids are the matrons of enchantment and stands for the feminine essence. The Mermaids live in the sea of intuitive energies. The mermaids are often associated with love and are seen as goddesses of love or the goddess of the sea. They are seen as seductive and charming. Mermaids are seen in the light of the moon, as this is the perfect timing to create magic in our lives. According to the legend though only appearing to the true of heart. At the same time Mermaids are wild, free, rebellious spirits with a ferocious independence. Mermaids have the ability to connect us to the sacred callings, gifts and blessings.


    The Unicorn ist the most magical of all animals. The Unicorn can transcend between the visible and invisible like no-one else. The Unicorn helps you to open up to infinite possibilities and it gives you the eyes to see and the wisdom to grasp these magical opportunities.


    Text source: universeofsymbolism.com

    Picture source: private pictures, unsplash.com